prevent hacker eavesdropping by managing insecure connections

Insecure connections leak credit card, SMS, email, and web history to any listening device sharing the connection. The following Google Chrome security setting lets us block most of the insecure "HTTP" connections:

However, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge still permits insecure HTTP connections in certain cases, like localhost,, and "mixed content.Insecure connections may also be required by older systems, sites, or used by services like FTP and WS ("Web Sockets")

The HTTPS Control Extension helps to further remove these unwanted connections. The extension upgrades, blocks, or lets you inspect and permit identified insecure HTTP, FTP, and WS connections.   

Stay encrypted. Inspect and block insecure requests. 


Automatically upgrade insecure requests to secure.


Block and inspect remaining insecure requests. 


Click the extension icon 🔒 to bypass the block.